With each revolution that takes place, the human kind is brought to a standpoint where it has to be decided whether the radical changes arising out of the revolution have to be looked at as a situation of crisis, required to be averted immediately or weather, it should be allowed to induce a leap of faith and thereby allowing one to go over and knock at the doors of the new opportunity that the situation welcomes one with. At this point of treading along the horizon of a ‘shift’ or a ‘change’, we find ourselves in need of discussions and deliberations and to open our mind towards the possible views we could consider before choosing either of the ways offered to us.

Artificial Intelligence, also, is one such revolution which has left the lot of us stumped and desperate need of answers. It not just proposes a change in lifestyle but is tending towards becoming a person’s life itself in entirety. Which is why, discussing and deliberating over it plays a role of essentiality as the dice of change that this revolution proposes to bring forward, has already been rolled. Therefore, we need to ponder over the issue, with logic, facts and individual views and experience, as to whether we view Artificial Intelligence as a knock of urgency or a knock of opportunity or a bit of both.

Therefore we invite members of all disciplines, be it legal, medical, engineering, politics and the like, to come together and discuss on this new revolution and the milieu it proposes to create, as it, without a speck of doubt, is a part of all of these fields.