Track 1. Legal Regulation of AI in India

  • Intellectual Property issues in AI
  • Data Protection
  • Duty/ Standard of Care for AI
  • AI and its Criminal Liability
  • AI & Person-hood
  • Convergence of AI and IT Act, 2000


Track 2. Scope of AI in multiple Sectors

  • EdTech and Artificial Intelligence
  • Block chain& AI
  • AI and Public Utility Services
  • AI & National Security Challenges


Track 3. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Legal Practice

  • AI and Law Processing
  • AI & Legal Procedure: Question of Fact/Law and Evidence
  • Machine learning and data mining for e-discovery and other legal applications
  • AI and No Fault Liability/Strict Liability/Absolute Liability


Track 4. Challenges to AI

  • Ethical Dilemmas of AI
  • Regulating the Artificially Intelligent Chatbot
  • Use of AI in curbing Fake News
  • Legal Personality of AI
  • Right to explanation & AI
  • Virtual Cloning and its legal
  • implication
  • NLP and AI