About The Conference

During the past decade Artificial Intelligence has developed rapidly, and the effects of the AI revolution are already being keenly felt in many sectors of society.

It has the potential to deeply impact our lives and is of enormous benefits ranging from efficiency gains to unprecedented improvements of life quality.

However, the unique features of AI and the way AI can be developed entail both social, ethical, policy and legal implications.Institute of Law, Nirma University is organizing the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and It’s Legal Implications on 15th and 16th March, 2019.The conference provides first considered discussion on the intricacies of how artificial intelligence impacts all walks of our lives and has major implications for law practitioners, professionals, technocrats and citizens at large. It has been addressed as the Fourth Industrial Revolution with fast paced changes in the realm of technology and law.In the recent times, the global community of governments and organizations have come together in addressing questions related to ethics, business processes and global governance. This conference aims to garner a strong academic response addressing the recent and imminent changes in legal framework in conjunction to artificial intelligence and allied areas. The conference is open for professors, advocates, judicial officers, technocrats, researchers and postgraduate/undergraduate law students.